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Monday, 15 September 2014

SLSM Bags Top EDEXCEL Results

Students of Sri Lankan School Muscat did their Alma Mater proud at the Edexcel International Examinations held in May/June 2014.
The students showed their true colours at the International GCSE, where a total of 47A* and 26 A were achieved by 12 students alone. The percentage of achieving C-A* stands at 79.93%. Sulaiman Hassan is at the pinnacle by achieving 7A* while Davithri Wickramatilake followed closely with 5A* & 3A.  Faizan Sana achieved 5A*& 2A, M. Alfayed 5A*, Manul Jayawardene - 4A* & 3A, Asadullah Aftab 4A* & 2a, Sameer Shafique - 4A* & 2A, Malik Pasan Kumara 4A* & 1A, Nadith Kospolage 4A*, both Sumayya Inuwa  & Zohair Khan -2A* & 4A and Michelle Thalawinna achieved 1A* & 5A.

 International Advanced Subsidiary Top Achievers
Our year 12 students Samie Baig and Sandu Jayasinghe achieved 1A* and 3As. (Samie and Sandu got their A* grades by completing the modules necessary for IAL Mathematics.) Gimash Dias, Githmi Gunasekera, Imana Iqbal and Anu Sri Nath followed close  with an equally great performance with 4 As and Taslima Akhthar, Gayara Bulathsinhalage, Isira Kandenearachchi, Ayesha Moqeet, Thajanee Premalal and Hasan Bin Tasneem achieving 3 A. The percentage of achieving C-A stands at 54%

                                       GCE International Advanced Level Top Achievers

Manuji Bandara tops her batch at GCE International Advanced Level with A* for all four of her subjects. Gayash Dias achieved 2A* & 1A, Rohith Pillai and Nisali Sisirakumara - 1A* & 3A, Araniya Sirikuruparan - 1A* & 2A,  Arsalan Aftab and Farzeen Sana - 4A,  Tharushki Devduni achieved 3A s. The percentage of achieving C-A* stands at 77%.

All at SLSM are indeed proud of these students who have brought honour and glory to the school and themselves.

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